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!!!RULES!!! Empty !!!RULES!!!

Post by Stranders on Wed Aug 08, 2018 9:59 pm

So everyone knows:

Result - Arsenal 0-2 West ham  

5 points - If you predicted the correct score e.g. Arsenal 0-2 West ham
3 points - If you predicted the result and goal difference e.g. Arsenal 1-3 West ham
1 point - If you predicted the result e.g. Arsenal 0-1 West ham  

Example - Result: 3-3
5 points - For predicting 3-3
3 points - For predicting 2-2 or 4-4
1 point - For predicting any other drawing scoreline e.g 1-1, 5-5, etc.

And to prevent cheating you can't use the same score for more than 49% of your predictions
For example:
won't be accepted

*If you miss fixtures you won't get any points for the fixtures you missed*

To prevent copying of predictions instead of uploading onto the thread, predictions should be privately messaged to me on this (not by text) 2 hours prior to kick off, and i'll upload them once all predictions have been received.

The message title should be the week of the fixtures it regards.
Then obviously the content of the message includes the fixtures copied from the thread and your predictions applied to these games.

Job done!

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